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​Top 3 Point Choose E Scooters


There has never been a product that can easily travel through crowded sections of the city like an electric scooter


If you own an electric scooter, you will find it so convenient, you can bring it to the train, on the bus, and easily put at car trunk


As electric scooters continue to innovate, we will create more and more new styles that can easily handle your daily and off-road needs.



ASAP SPEED  team Was Focus at Small Wheel Portable Electric Scooter  at 2008,The First Group Produce Electric Scooters at China Mainland.

After Being An Influence Of The Most Unique And Exciting Electric Scooters Being Sold In South Asia, We Catch Up The Trend At 2015 Stepping Into This New Energy Market To Introduce & Adapt Our Most Disruptive Designs Under A New, Invigorating Brand.

The Future Needs A Green Power Driving To Lead The World, A Classic&best Selling Style Is Bound To Be A Legend In History.

The Spotlight Is Now On Those Of Us Determined To Accelerate The Turn To Electric Mobility Through The Freedom And Design Of Awesome New Vehicles. 

Join Us, Let's Electrify The World !